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Nightlings™ is currently an iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad game. It is an action / strategy game where your goal is to stop the Nightlings™ from invading your world and at the same time stop them from stealing your stuff. The ultimate goal of the game is to save your sister who has been kidnapped by them. The game features high quality graphics and animations, a musical score with in-game cinematics as well as 8 stages, 48 levels, 21 unlockable weapons and over 60 Nightlings™.

The game was produced by Shizapp Interaction which is a division of Nu Edge Designs, Inc. based out of Florida over the course of a year. The game was designed, animated, and programmed by Mike Jarrell. The story was written by Ruth Buchanan and voiced by Gary Frank. The voice of the child is the son of Mike Jarrell, Mikaiden Jarrell.


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In the dead of night, while most people sleep, things start to creep in the dark. From nightfall to daybreak, the Nightlings awake and steal 'round the house on a lark...

You are a four year old boy named Max and the Nightlings have captured your sister. You must wage a battle to keep them from further invading your world, but you must also make use of any weapon at your disposal to go on the offensive and save your sister.

The stage is set. Your heart is pounding. Will you be fast enough? Admit defeat, and she is forever lost to you. Vanquish the Nightlings, and her safe return is assured!

Making use of various household objects as weapons to fling, throw, toss, plant, and launch at the Nightlings, you must simultaneously work to keep the despicable villains from stealing your stuff! This fast-paced game of strategy and skill will keep your hands clamped to your device and your eyes glued to the screen as you wage your barbarous battle against the Nightlings.

Taking you through eight different stages with forty-eight levels while fending off sixty unique Nightlings and their eight ferocious bosses, this gameplay is so fierce that you will have a difficult time not only in tearing yourself away, but also in keeping your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from slipping out of your sweat-slicked palms.

With constantly-shifting enemies, a barrage of new weapons available as the game progresses, and ever-increasing skill demands, this is one game that you won't want to see come to an end. But never fear: if you do happen by some miracle to beat the Nightlings, the excitement can continue! With our ever-escalating skill-level feature, the tasks becomes more challenging every time you rescue your sister, making this an endless loop of fast-paced entertainment that you just won't want to put down.

- Brilliant in-game cinematics
- Endless gameplay: The game becomes progressively harder once it's been beaten!
- 60 exclusive enemies
- 48 mind-bending levels
- 21 distinct weapons (unlock and buy)
- 8 unique stages
- 8 ferocious bosses
- 2 distinct game modes (story and survival)
- 1 amazing game!

Current Price: $1.99

Additional Features: In App Purchases, not required to beat the game, however allow you to unlock weapons early, earn in-game currency faster and obtain perks without collecting them.


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